Vertical Carousel System for Storing Dog Food

Like most other manufacturing companies, most dog food manufacturing companies would prefer to produce a little more than the projected market demand. This ensures that they can supply the dog food immediately after the order is placed. If there is any delay in fulfilling the order, the customer may be forced to purchase the dog food from other companies. When they are producing more dog food that what is required by their customers like pet shops require, they will have to arrange for a suitable dog food storage rack systems, where the food will be stored till they receive the order is placed.

Dog Food Storage System

Storage options:

In most factories, and warehouses, standard storage racks are used, and the height of these racks is usually limited to the height of the ladder. Since the height of the racks is limited, the business will have to purchase more racks. This will increase the expense involved and also take up more floor space. More labor expenses and salaries will be required, since the food will have to be placed and retrieved manually. Hence increasingly the company’s manufacturing dog food are opting for a vertical storage carousel which will take up less space in the factory or warehouse, and also require less manpower to use.

Storing the dog food:

The vertical carousel storage system can used to conveniently and quickly store the dog food in the various sections of the storage system. The storage system will be designed based on the packaging used for the dog food, since it is usually packed to transport it easily and prevent environmental damage. After the packed dog food is received in the storage area, based on amount of free space available, the dog food packages will be placed in various empty shelves of the carousel. The software will also ensure that a record is kept of where the dog food is stored on a particular day, since this information may be required later.

Dog Food Storage

Retrieving the dog food:

When an order is received for the dog food from a pet store, retailer, wholesaler, or other buyer, based on the type of dog food required, the extractor will automatically identify the place where the dog food is stored. The dog food is then bought to a level where it can be ergonomically retrieved easily either manually or using a fork lift. Most orders will be for multiple packages, and different items, so each of the items will be retrieved from their storage location. After all the items in the dog food order are retrieved they will be dispatched to the buyer, using suitable transport.


There are many advantages of using an automated system for storage as well retrieval of the dog food in the factory. Since a single carousel can store more dog food, less floor space is required in the factory, and it can be used more effectively for other purposes. The major advantage is that less manpower is required for this system, since no climbing is required, the automated system, will store the dog food. This greatly reduces the risk of injuries to the workers. The dog food will be stored and retrieved quickly since software records are available, and the system is largely automated.

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