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Lili social mediaJust in case some of you have missed the links on the side of the page I want to tell you about my other internet adventures. I have my own Facebook account where I have made friends with lots of people, some of them only have two legs as well. I did have an ever-growing Twitter page where I followed the lives of many other four legged friends as well as caught up with world news and important celebrity doggie gossip but being a doggie about town was taking it’s toll on me and my paws are not the best for typing so I’ve decided to give that one up and direct you to my daddy’s account instead which is here.

Now, many of you may find it strange that a humble labradoodle like me has to be social media savvy, but let me tell you now, one of the best ways to promote animal welfare and get the message across, that being nice to doggies is cool, is by using the various social media outlets available to us. My daddy even offers to set people up with accounts and gives some free training tips as part of his new publishing company –

Anyway, if you have a Facebook page please be friends with me, and if you have a Twitter account then follow my daddy there too.

It’s all about connections in the cyber doggie pack!

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