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Over the last few years I have to admit that I’ve been a little disillusioned by the fashion industry. Sure, I’ve paraded about the place in my ‘trendy raincoat’ and my sister often puts ‘pretty bows in my hair’ to show her friends how beautiful I am, but let’s be honest about this, most clothing is a complete waste of time for dogs.

We don’t want to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, or any other type of clothing for that matter – we want to be seen as ‘Dog’ (canine God) intended. Naked and proud! In fact, when my mammy decided to buy me a wooly jumper for Christmas I have to admit I ate the package when the postman put it through the door!

Clothing for dogs has no specific function. The only reason to ‘decorate’ an animal that I can think of is to show how stupid, or mixed up, the owner is. Being loved is one thing, being made to look an idiot is another. Us doggies want to get attention from people for being a dog, for having a lovely coat, for jumping higher than the other dog or for having a nice, wet, floppy tongue, not from wearing a bloody beret! We’re not French are we?

Some pet owners seem to think it’s cool to drape diamonds and expensive clothing on their doggies. Well, let me tell you now, from the dog’s point of view – you’re wasting your time – we don’t care! If you can afford to waste your hard earned cash on hats, shoes, capes, furs, coats, dresses, leathers, sweaters, costumes, bling and polka dot pyjamas for the mutt then I’d suggest you need some serious therapy! Bandannas are fine though. I have a red and white one.

I can accept the fact that cat’s playing the piano, or labradors jumping off surfboards is funny but don’t spend money on fashion accessories for us pets. If you don’t know what to do with your money why not give it to an animal charity? There are plenty out there that need help. Just look at our links pages or click some of the banners on the sides of the website.

OK, I admit I did audition for the part of ‘Little Red Riding Hound’ in a new Doggywood movie recently but that was different, they paid in dog treats. I didn’t get the job though, I was beaten to the lead role by a teenage Cockapoo from Blaenavon.

But I digress. There is a serious issue here. Many of our furry friends are being abused by the fashion industry. Many of our furry friends are kept in tiny cages. Many of our furry friends are being skinned alive! It’s not a happy thought is it!

So next time you want to dress your dog up, ask yourself – what is the dog getting out of this?!




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