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Offa’s Dyke – Day 2

My first walk on Offa’s Dyke was awesome and so after much nagging my daddy and sister finally agreed to take me on the second section. We also persuaded my sister’s friend and daddy to come along too. The weather was fantastic, we walked from the Brockweir pub (where we finished the first day’s walk) to the Bell Inn pub, in Redbrook. The whole walk was probably about six or seven miles for humans and five times that for me ‘cos I’m so fit and like to run backwards and forwards following the sniffs of the beautiful countryside.

We walked along the banks of the River Wye, and I even jumped in to cool off and have a play with the swans, salmon and eels. We stopped for a rest and some snacks (chewies from Pets at Home) before pushing on up through the woods to follow the dyke over 300 feet higher. We paused to take a picture of the huge bracket fungi my sister found on an old tree trunk and then on we went.

Eventually we descend 67 steps down to the village of Redbrook and a welcome pint of cider for the daddies, crisps and pop for the kids and a large bowl of water for me.

The first section of the walk was excellent, but I think this day was even better, varied scenery, lots of smells and a play in the river – what more could a doggie ask for!

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