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Cosmeston Lake

In February 2013 me, my sister and daddy took a drive down to Cosmeston Lakes Country Park.  Cosmeston, in the Vale of Glamorgan, is open all year round. The country park has a variety of habitats covering over 100 hectares of land and water, some areas are designated a SSSI, which aims to protect the rare and diverse plant and animal species.

The Country park opened to the public in 1978 and gained Local Nature Reserve status in May 2013. The gravel paths and wooden boardwalks are easily accessible to everyone and you can spend a couple of hours walking or running around the place. Two flooded quarries have become the main lakes at Cosmeston and they attracs large flocks of waterfowl which include mute swans, mallards and diving birds such as the great crested grebe. I don’t think I was supposed to but I jumped in to chase a Canadian goose – opps!  Don’t think the tree man was very happy.

Situated within the country park is a reconstructed 14th century medieval village which my dad enjoyed looking around while I pulled like an idiot on the lead.

BBC link – click here.

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