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Fight Depression – Walk That Dog!

Welsh writer Dave Lewis has just published his new book (paperback and kindle) entitled ‘Happy‘ and in this book he describes how he is an ordinary guy that just loves to walk his dog – our very own Lili Labradoodle!

Back cover blurb:

A complete guide to finding joy in modern life. How to be healthy, beat stress, make money, live well, create a great work-life balance, live green, enjoy your job, love people, beat depression, create a happy home and much more.

This short, concise manual will be a revelation to all those who struggle to find time to live a more meaningful existence. If you are wondering what life is all about then this book will lift your spirits and force you to look at the world in a much more free and considered way. The world does move too fast for many of us and we need to take time to slow it down, smell the roses and listen to the beating heart in all of us.

A funny, conversational-style book that has a simple message at its core yet deals with so many of life’s problems, that we all experience, in a sensible, logical and simple way.

The author has packed a lifetime of knowledge, wry observations and practical advice into this volume and offered easy to follow, simple steps in which to tackle most of what life throws at us. This is a book that has it all and should resonate with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

With insight and compassion, drawn from a life well-lived, the author seeks to encourage us all to live a far happier, more fulfilling life and he succeeds in doing so with great humour and humility.

To buy a copy – click here.

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