Happy Dogs with Royvon

Royvon is the UK’s number one for dog training and boarding. With three private and secure facilities set in stunning locations across the country, they offer a range of training programmes and accommodation to suit all breeds – the closest of which is just up the road in Methyr Tydfil.

Training and socialisation are among your dog’s basic needs. Teaching your dog or puppy basic obedience helps to keep them safe, sociable and happy, and it can make life a lot easier for both you and your four-legged friend. After all, the more you can rely on your dog to listen to commands, the more freedom your pup can have.

As your go-to for guidance and doggie training, Royvon offers a comprehensive range of fun and reward based, dog training programmes, including: breed specific and puppy training, one-on-one training sessions, residential behaviour modification, and much more. Whatever challenges your dog faces, Royvon are on hand to provide help and advice.

Royvon’s services aren’t just limited to dog training either. They also specialise in canine boarding with purpose built modern dog hotels that include outstanding facilities and luxury accommodation suitable for all breeds. Royvon focuses on every individual dog’s wants and needs and aims to make their guests’ stay the best experience possible by providing a dedicated trainer, a variety of exercise programmes, training and playtime suitable for each dog dependent on age, breed and owner preferences.

Whether young or old, all dogs thrive by learning and receiving fun, daily interaction, so why not help your dogs reach their full potential with Royvon dog training and hotels.

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