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Ponty Park & River Taff

A nice walk can be done through Ynysangharad War Memorial Park, Pontypridd. From the park gates you turn left then head on down through the trees and past the Evan James / James James monument. Take a moment to admire the Victorian bandstand and then on down along the Taff Trail (watch out for pesky bikers) and then when no-one is looking run like a banshee across the cricket field!  I did this a year back with my best friend Finn the boxer.

If you want to go a bit further then there is always the trail, past the graffiti, under the bridge and down to the far gates. Then cross the A470, be careful on the main road and up the 100+ steps to the road leading to the Common. A great loop if you fancy it.

This time we decided to stay in the park though and play in the water for a bit. A nice spot for us doggies is where the Rivers Taff and Rhondda merge.

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