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Happy Barky Year

Just like to wish my followers a waggy-tail, kinda time in 2015 and hope all your dreams of chasing pussycats come true. As luck would have it I have a rather cool cat who lives in the house behind us. His name is Steele. Probably named after the Ponty centre? Anyway, I digress. Now don’t get me wrong, I like pussycats but they’re not the most sociable of animals are they? I mean, I chase them and when I get close, instead of changing direction or doing a backward flip that would get a great score on ‘Strictly’ they just slam the anchors on, turn around, fangs exposed, make a really loud hissing noise and show their┬áclaws that could inflict severe damage to my sensitive nosey.

I just don’t get it. I open my eyes wide to show them I’m happy and want to be friends but they just get frightened or annoyed. Then when they look at me, sometimes they narrow their eyes as if they’re really upset, even though they seem calm enough. My daddy says that to be friends I should narrow my eyes too but I’ve no idea how to do that! Ethology eh! Who needs Niko Tinbergen. So I just stare for an hour until they get bored or run away. Then I can chase them again, heh, heh! Happy days!

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