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Rock Climbing

Now I don’t know about you but I like running through the long grass, jumping through the waves, looking for squirrels, rolling in the mud, paddling in the river and chasing my doggie friends around the park. But for some strange reason my daddy likes me to do these balancing acts on rocks. What am I? Some kind of Crufts extra? A mangy pussy cat for wolf’s sake! Let’s get this straight. Lili Labradoodle is not a doggie that does tricks for the amusement of his mammy and daddy. If you wanted something to climb rocks you should have got a monkey.

Anyway, I guess it’s all for a good cause, i.e. testing my daddy’s camera out. Here are some pictures of me posing by the druid stones and walking the castle walls.

If any humans are reading this though and you want to learn how to train your doggie there are some good links here.

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