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Garth Mountain

You might know this little ‘hill’ from the film with Hugh Grant and Tara FitzGerald (Mmm, very nice my daddy says) but for us doggies this is a classic walk! There are a few ways to do it. You can do the Pentyrch route which Derek the weatherman did or you can do the one we normally do which is drive to Taffs Well railway station, park the jeep and cross the tracks on the footbridge…

Once out of the station, just cross the road on the zebra crossing and go over the Taff on the little bridge. Then you have a choice but we like to stroll right and through the housing estate and at the end is a little lane up behind the houses and your away.

Then you just head uphill. Cross the road by the real ale pub that my dad insists on visiting for some reason, then up the ‘Swiss’ road (steep hill) and follow your nose, which in my case takes me past farms, sheep, horses, gorse bushes and smelly flowers.

Once you see a path that bears back right, take that and climb to the little knobbly bit (false summit) at the front of the Garth which you can see from the A470 and railway station. Time for a rest, picnic, then onwards to the top where there are some wicked Bronze Age burial sites which are 4,000 years old.

From the summit, 1,007 feet, you can see Cardiff in the distance with the Bristol Channel beyond. Once at the trig point you’ll have 360 degree¬†panoramic views over Taffs Well, the river Taff, Cardiff and even Somerset in the distance!¬†Further west you’ll spot Aberthaw Power Station and to the north, the Brecon Beacons.

To get back down again just follow your nose again and head for the smell of beer, stop off at the Gwaelod-y-Garth Inn for some chips, whatever is left on the other walkers / diners plates and a sip of ale. Lovely!


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