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Cardiff Bay Loop

A great walkies for us energetic doggies is a loop of the ‘Bay’. My dad drove us both down to Cardiff in autumn 2014 and parked by the posh hotel. We then strolled anti-clockwise from the car park towards the yacht club via the wetlands area.

We crossed a road and headed past some graffiti under the main road bridge and along a wall and out through a small park. We followed our noses. Well, I did anyway.

Finally, after a lot of rain and even more swearing from my daddy we saw the marina and eventually came out at the Custom House. We carried on across the barrage and past the Scott Memorial. We past a skatepark and finally ended up back at the Dr Who exhibition.

I had to go on the lead because I like to run and jump on people who might not like it – strange people? ¬†Anyway, after an ice cream on the pier we headed back to the car and wondered why all the other people wasted their time buying things in shops they didn’t need when they could have done a fab walk like we did? Ah well.

Note: This is quite a long walk and we took a few hours.

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