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Old Bwl

A great walk from Pontypridd is to head off down the Taff Trail and follow your nose towards Cilfynydd. It’s quite easy to do, even for humans, as the sewage works is next to the rugby ground! But instead of carrying on towards the changing rooms and past the pitch, turn left and head towards the Clydach Trail and Ynysybwl.

Cross the footbridge and the river Taff, then be careful crossing on the main road before enjoying the lovely trail all the way to the village of Ynysybwl. You know the one. The place where the ark of the covenant or holy grail or something is hidden.

Go under the road bridge to Coed y Cwm, follow the river Clydach until the memorial to the old colliery. Then when the trail runs out head north on the road before taking a shortcut past the little paddling pool. A few hundred yards later you emerge at the lovely Old Bwl pub for a much needed cider and sandwich. A great walk of between 4 and 4.5 miles (one way).

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