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Offa’s Dyke – Day 3

I think my daddy and sister were on a bit of a roll ‘cos the next time they took me out for a walk in the car they drove back to where they finished last time. What is it with humans and their obsession with ‘doing things’? Isn’t living in the moment enough? Anyway, we stopped the car at Redbrook and off we went, up the road and tried to follow the oak tree signs for Offa’s Dyke again.

It wasn’t a long walk today, only about four miles I imagine but we did climb a fair bit (about 800 feet) before we stopped at The Kymin, a roundhouse dating from 1794 and a Naval Temple, added in 1800 to celebrate a real British hero – Lord Nelson, who visited and was impressed with the monument on the view. He also brought Lady Hamilton with him but they both preferred Merthyr for a night out apparently.

We enjoyed the view for a while, bought a lucky horseshoe for my sister and then descended down into the historic town of Monmouth for a pint of real ale for dad, J2O for sister and some fresh water for me. Monmouth of course is famous for being the birthplace of Henry V, in 1387 and also where Charles Rolls of Rolls Royce fame came from, but I’m sure most doggies know all this anyway.

I wonder where day four will take us?

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