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My Airedale Friend

Two years ago I was up the common minding my own business, sniffing the grass through the yellow snow when my Airedale friend from Pontsionnorton attacked me. He is such good fun and because we’re the same size it means we can have lots of rough and tumble without hurting one another. I mean, it’s no fun when a twenty stone Newfoundland lands on you is it? Neither is it much fun when I have to slap the anchors on during a game of chase because the Yorkie I’m playing with has stopped to sniff a daisy. Nah, much better to find a playmate that is the same size, as these pictures clearly show. Plus you can always get a good sniff of the ear when he’s not looking, heh heh.

The Airedale is a breed of terrier that originated along the River Aire, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. ‘Dale’ is derived from the old Viking word for valley, hence ‘Airedale’. It is the largest of the terriers. Bred from a Welsh Terrier and an Otterhound and probably some other Terrier Breeds, it was bred originally to hunt otters.

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