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Barry Island

I love going to the beach. And I think my daddy likes going too. And my sister, and her friends, and my best friend Finn the boxer. In fact, everyone I know loves going to the beach. So, guess what we do between 1 October and the end of April? Yep, you’ve guessed it, we go to the beach a lot!

These photos show what we got up to down Barry Island last winter, just before it got dark. Me and Finn went for a swim, and these days you don’t always need your stomach pumped afterwards. The water is still brown but that might just be the sand of course. Dow Corning chemical works is not far around the bend (as it were) so we have to be careful but with Gavin & Stacey fans still visiting I guess the council have to make some sort of effort these days.

My daddy also likes to take photos in the winter. Mainly ‘cos there is no-one much about and the British seaside is just so depressing when it’s all shut up and grey. I think he’s a bit weird to be honest but as long as I get to run and play on the beach I don’t care.

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