LiliMy mammy and daddy absolutely love listening to music and so it’s no suprise that I do too. In fact, from a very young age I have been a big fan of rock music.

My mammy and daddy often leave the radio turned on when they go out. I think they do it for company for me but to be honest those silly, brain-dead DJ’s who chatter on endlessly don’t half get on my nerves. If they do go on a bit I usually chew some furniture or jump up onto the dining room table and destroy all the things my mammy and daddy leave behind for me.

Anyway, enough about what I get up to when I’m ‘kennel alone’ here’s some of my favourite songs and the albums they’re from:

‘Hound Dog’ by Elvis Presley
‘Dogs’ by Pink Floyd
‘Hounds of Love’ by Kate Bush
‘I wanna be your dog’ by Iggy Pop
‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin
‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence + The Machine
‘I Love My Dog’ by Cat Stevens
‘Black Eyed Dog’ by Nick Drake
‘Old King’ by Neil Young
‘Old Blue’ by The Byrds
‘The Promised Land’ by Bruce Springsteen
‘One Too Many Mornings’ by Bob Dylan

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