Good 4 People

Lili 8wksNow I’m not sure if everyone knows this but beautiful doggies like me are actually very good for human beings. I read it in my favourite doggie book once. We’re good for people for a variety of reasons but I guess the main one is because we really are man’s best friend. So below I’ve put just some of the reasons why owning, looking after and loving a cool doggie like me is so good for you:

  • Kids who are brought up with doggies have stronger immune systems
  • Surveys have found that doggie owners visit the doctor less than people who don’t have a doggie for a best friend
  • People with doggies are more likely to walk and stay fit than people who don’t walk with their dog
  • Doggies help older people walk more regularly and then they have better mobility in their homes
  • Doggies like me can be a great source of companionship
  • Kids who grow up with doggies have better social skills and I encourage them to be responsible too
  • Doggies can teach kids to develop compassion, understanding and respect for living things
  • No-one is ever alone when they have a doggie
  • I also provide opportunities for social interactions with other humans. I often act cute in order to initiate conversations between strangers

So, there you have it. Doggies are brilliant! So don’t forget it.

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