Bad Hair Days

lili_hat_600I must admit, at the moment I’m looking pretty sleek and my coat feels very smooth, even though my daddy says I look like a skinned lamb. But it’s not always like this! You know what it’s like, you wake up after a hard night’s dream about chasing bunnies through the woods and your hair looks terrible. So yes, I’ve had my share of bad hair days – just look at the photos if you don’t believe me.

My hairstyles can range from 70’s afro disco babe, through Crufts poodle effect, to short back & sides and at the far end of the scale, too close for comfort sometimes, Dr Marten boots with red braces crop. Yep, I might only be 3 years old but I’ve rocked with all the latest trends.

Now I’ve read online that labradoodles’ coats can vary from hairy & wavy, which requires very little attention – just an occasional brush, to woolly & curly, which requires regular and thorough brushing to prevent matting. What about me? Well, I get taken to my groomer a few times a year and clipped short. This helps me keep cool in summer and is healthy for me too.

I like the water but don’t need bathing very often. Both Labradors and Poodles evolved coats which, in different ways, repel water. If I get very muddy my daddy just lets me dry naturally and then the mud will easily brush off.

I do have to take special care of my ears to prevent infection though. Like most β€˜flap’ eared dogs there is very little air circulation. Keeping the coat trimmed underneath the ear flaps, regular thorough cleaning of the ears and, if necessary, plucking hairs out of the inside of my ears will keep them infection free.

I’ve heard people ask my daddy if I moult much. I don’t, but I’ve read that it’s impossible to breed a totally hypo-allergenic dog. People with some dog allergies and asthma have found a high level of tolerance with certain breeds, such as the Poodle though.

My own stylist reckons I need brushing or combing every day otherwise I just get knotty. My mammy does try to brush me but I usually get fed up after a minute or so and end up putting my two paws out in front of me while sticking my bum up in the air. This is how I indicate to my mammy it’s time to play. She usually understands and starts to chase me around the house with the brush in her hand. It’s very funny.

And finally, I suppose like everyone I also get some days when I just can’t face the world without a baseball cap πŸ˜‰

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