About Lili

LiliShwmae.  My name is Lili the labradoodle and I live in a small town in south Wales called Pontypridd.

I moved here when I was just 8 weeks old. I was a tiny bundle of puppy fur when I left my first mammy and I must admit I cried all night that first time away from her. In fact, I cried for the first three months! Luckily though my new mammy and daddy were very nice and they helped me settle in to my new home.

I used to have 9 other brothers and sisters but now I only have one brother and one sister. My brother lives on an island in the Indian Ocean. It sounds pretty horrible as it’s just sun, sea, sand and a few palm trees. I think it’s called the Maldives. But I do have a wonderful, big sister here at home with me and she loves me very much.

I am a medium sized doggie with a gorgeous, champagne coloured curly-perm, which my stylist absolutely hates cutting by the way. I live in a really nice terraced house just a short distance from the Common.

Almost every single day I go for walks over the mountain and often meet new friends to play with. My best friends are Daisy, Fred, Cassie & Ronnie but I have so many playmates it’s hard to remember all their names sometimes!

I’ve been told that I’m a well-established cross, bred as a working dog with a fantastic temperament and great coat. My first daddy was a champion Poodle. He had a very long piece of paper with loads of very long names of other dogs on it. In fact, it stretched all the way from one end of the room to the other! My first mammy was a F1 labradoodle. She also had a similar piece of paper, although it wasn’t as long as my daddy’s. I have heard people say I’m a F1B, whatever that means. I’m a dog not a geneticist I tell them.

Thankfully though I’m not recognised by those snooty Kennel Club people which is fine by me as it means I get more time to play and less time being fussed over with a hairdryer and a comb until I look absolutely ridiculous.

I’ve read online that I’m attractive, practical, healthy, intelligent and trainable. But as Edward Snowden says you can’t believe everything you read on the internet – right!

Anyway, I’m now 3 years old but still don’t feel like growing up as I still love running, jumping and eating dirt, much to my owners annoyance 😉

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