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Get your broken iPhone screen fixed in the next hour

OZ Phone Repairs

IPhone Screen Repair

IPhone screen repair has your iPhone fallen and do you now have a cracked screen? Then it is possible that you can no longer use your iPhone as desired due to the broken screen. If the iPhone glass is broken, there is a good chance that the screen will be damaged even more if the screen of your device is not replaced. Do you want to have the screen of your iPhone repaired? Then visit one of our locations. Our engineers are experts in the iPhone screen repair and replace the screen of your iPhone quickly and inexpensively.

IPhone screen repair with us:

A broken screen can have various causes. For example, your phone may have fallen, causing one or more cracks in the glass. If your iPhone screen is cracked and you can no longer read what is on your screen, you naturally want the screen to be replaced as quickly as possible. Our engineers are experienced in all types of repairs and replace the screen of your iPhone in just 45 minutes. This way you can enjoy your iPhone screen again after the repair when you leave our office.

In addition to the fact that you can optimally enjoy your device with a new iPhone screen, this also has a positive influence on the sales value of your device. If you want to sell it of course. Thanks to the professional iPhone screen repair of our engineers and the original parts that are used, your iPhone retains its value.

Most common repair with us:

The most common repair is an iPhone screen repair. The screen of different types of iPhones is being replaced by our skilled engineers. With an iPhone screen repair, the glass and the screen are replaced. The LCD screen of an iPhone is defective if, for example, your iPhone no longer shows an image after a fall. Screen repair is always performed with the highest quality parts.

The necessary precautions are taken to perform a screen repair, our engineers have years of experience when it comes to one. They are also defective for another iPhone. Should more functions not work in addition to the screen? We investigate the defect free of charge (with the exception of moisture damage). You receive a 12-month warranty on every repair with us.

Replace costs for iPhone screen:

Have your iPhone screen replaced quickly and cheaply with us. We carry out frequent iPhone screen repairs. This means we have all the expertise in-house. Almost all parts are immediately in stock and we can help you immediately with replacing your broken or cracked screen. You can get a new LCD screen from OZ Phone Repairs. We use original parts for all our repairs. In addition, with the original invoice, you will receive a 6-month warranty on your iPhone repair.

iPhone Screen Repair

Quality and expertise:

For quality and expertise, you have come to the right place with us. Our engineers are trained in all types of repairs of various brands and models of telephones. They perform the iPhone screen repair while you wait. Original parts are used to replace the iPhone screen. This means that after replacing the screen of your iPhone you are assured of a properly working screen.


Come and visit one of our branches. Because of the national service coverage, there is always a branch near you. Our locations are easily accessible by car or public transport. If you are unable to visit one of the branches, you can use our shipping service. You send your phone to us easily and we will also take care of the iPhone screen repair. You can follow repairs via our website.

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