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Play Fighting

Here are some photos of me play-fighting with my friend Diesel. It might look a bit rough but honestly it’s not. We are very good friends and often meet up for a sniff of...


Playing With Friends

If in doubt, then Ponty Common is the place to be. A radical, scruffy hangout for all things canine, fluffy and friendly. Here I am playing with some new friends on the main green.


My Airedale Friend

Two years ago I was up the common minding my own business, sniffing the grass through the yellow snow when my Airedale friend from Pontsionnorton attacked me. He is such good fun and because...


Trip to the Beach

I wasn’t very old when my big sister first took me to the beach. It was quite daunting at first because I was bundled into the boot of the jeep for a 45 mins...



Hi again doggie bloggers. Today I thought I’d upload a few photographs of me playing with my good friend Daisy. She is a beagle and like me very bouncy and also very sociable. My...


Run Lili Run!

Now I don’t know about you but every doggie I know (apart from maybe Fin the boxer) just loves to run! I mean, what better way to burn off those raw calories than a...